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We use a three step cleaning method with hot water extraction. (Steam Cleaning) We fist vacuum all the large particles off the carpet, pre-spray it with a high quality bio-degradable solution to break down the dirt and stains. We also use a strong solvent based product to spot treat stronger stubborn stains.

We then wash the carpet after allowing sufficient dwell time for the solutions to work. While the carpets been cleaned we also sanitize the carpets so they are left fresh and clean.


Most general stains do come off through our cleaning method; however, there are some stubborn stains that may need specialist treatment. We carry a huge range of specialist stain removal equipment that can fix almost all stains around.

We also offer specialist carpet dyeing (Spot Dyeing) which can blend the colors of your carpet to remedy the mark.


With High Temperature cleaning methods and specialist products, we provide an extensive range of Sanitizing & deodorizing agents that can tackle even the toughest problem. Triple action, encapsulation & neutralizing products mean that your home/office is left smelling fresh and also clean and free of contaminants.

At COMMAND Carpet Care, we offer many more services related to cleaning

Our services include:


With this a two step method used while also ensuring that all your lounges, mattresses and other fabric based upholstery are free of dust mites and other organisms.


Had an Accident with a faulty tap or pipe or maybe just being ravaged by a storm, COMMAND Cleaning specializes in flood restoration. Being a preferred service provider for most Insurance companies’ means, we get the job done right.

We can organize for your furniture to be removed, stored remotely and have all the carpets and hard floors fixed and/or replaced if required. We then have all the furniture put back just the way you had it making your home/office beautiful again.

All you have to do is, mention our name to your insurance company’s assessor and then we sent one of our personnel out to assess and understand what needs to be done.


Over the past few years, tiles & other hard floor covering have been changing the design of homes and offices, when it came to choosing the right floor covering. This is mainly because of the ease of cleaning and maintaining.

Over time however, scratches, cracks & pits appear attracting microscopic pathogens, dirt and stains which regular sweeping, vacuuming or mopping could never remove.

The grouting between tiles are very porous which means, these dirt and stains slowly seep into them causing discoloration and the once clean and brilliantly white grout is not dark and dirty.

Until recent times, the only way possible was to get on your hands & knees and scrub these grouting and in certain cases, re-grout or paint over them.

Today’s technology has caught up with this industry and now offers, grout sealers, colours and specialist tools, which has integrated the Carpet Cleaning Technology with High Pressure Cleaning.

Ideally, grout must be sealed within a 72 hour period of being laid in order to ensure you have years of hassle free maintenance. If at all they are not sealed, don’t despair. We offer a comprehensive Tile & Grout Cleaning service, for almost all types of hard floor coverings allowing you to enjoy the ease of having tiles and other hard floor coverings in your home/office.


A recent study by the E.P.A. shows that during the last 20 years, indoor pollutant levels have surpassed highly industrialized outdoor pollutant levels. Adverse reactions to indoor pollutants include headaches, fatigue, nausea, depression and allergic symptoms.

For all the Pet Lovers – rest easy as we are specialists in Urine Contamination treatment and other odour elimination. With the use of Bio-Enzymatic products that contain good bacteria to digest the odour causing organisms and other oxidizing matter.

We can tackle the following minor problems


Most outdoor areas today have manicured gardens, with hard flooring such as pavers, pebbled or concrete pathways making the exterior of your home/office looking beautiful. Here however lays the dilemma of how to maintain such surfaces as they are exposed to elements of Mother Nature.

Having them treated and sealed when initially laid will save you money on the long run, but sadly in most cases this step is omitted. Over time these surfaces can have a build up of fungal type contaminants such as algae, moss, mildew etc.

In most cases, these can be removed with a mild solution of bleach or mould killer, however some stubborn stains will require a more aggressive method of removal.

 With high pressure cleaning, these surfaces can be cleaned along with specialist chemicals. Using minimum water and a turbo pressure cleaning equipment that pressure washes the floor on an angle approach dislodges the dirt and removes it from the surface.

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